Salmo, Noyz - BRUJERIA (Luca Agnelli remix)

Cover design

  • Motion
  • Cover design

CVLT cover rework. Results acheived by databending the original cover picture, and adding a touch of pixel sorting for the animation.


Experimental photographic book

  • Editorial
  • Photography

Inerzia is an experimental photographic book, which aims to answer — in a non-scientific way — the question: "can a place have an influence on someone's addiction?" Developed as my thesis project, working side by side with Federico D'Ovidio.


Graphics and VFX

  • VFX
  • Motion
  • 3D

Live visuals set, made as a concept project for the Italian techno duo 999999999. This demo includes various modular components, showcasing the developed visual identity.

Crowded Brains


  • Editorial
  • Magazine

Crowded Brains is a magazine, zine, booklet, whatever-you-wanna-call-it, that digs into individual and collective consciousness. A raging mixture of various emotions, that I hope you’ll feel in the same way we did while working on this project. Developed as a university project for my second year's Publishing Design exam.

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Exhibition Visual Identity

  • Editorial
  • Identity

Concept visual identity for the exhibition "Chromasophia", held at Dep Art Gallery in Milano, in 2021. This projects' goal was to create a strong visual identity for the collection, representing the same concept of the artworks displayed. Developed as a university project for my first year's Publishing Design exam.

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Official film poster

  • Poster

PLZ — Presi Bene

Graphics and VFX

  • VFX
  • Motion

Visual effects and graphics for the music video of the song "Presi Bene" by PLZ. Commissioned by the director Arianna Lenzi.


My name is Matteo Tagliabue, although everyone knows me as Marte. I'm a 22 years old designer based in Milano, Italy.

I'm focusing on motion graphics and digital design right now, but I also enjoy editorial and printed stuff.

Currently employed at Warriors.

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